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She’s like.. a breath of fresh air after being suffocated for a year..

Refreshing and exhilarating, yet you’re not sure if its definite. 

Not sure if you should trust it after not breathing for so long. 

What if she ends up the same?

Bored. Annoyed. Done. 

Then I’m alone once more. 

Is it even worth the risk? 

It has to be because her voice is an angel’s song against my heartstrings. 

Soothing. calming. 

Her words flow so seamlessly off her tongue 

And effortlessly into my soul. 

Making my heart quiver in pure ecstasy. 

My mind seems to float towards her every chance it gets. 

And dwells.. And dwells.. 

It scares the living hell out of me.

But the reward may be greater than the risk… 

She just  seems so… flawless… 

Lexi…. the timing seems so perfect.. the mood seems so right. And I don’t know why exactly, but I’m falling for you. And I’m trying to stop myself but you’re making it so easy! You talk as if you actually want this thing with me and that makes me feel.. .special, beautiful. And that’s something I’ve been missing longer than I’ve been single. You seem to know just how to handle me. When I’m not calm you know just  how to get me there. You’re in the same mindset as I’m in right now. And you value the same things. I can tell you want to make a difference in the world and its so attractive. You’re ambition and sweet spirit is so.. different. It changes my outlook on a whole lot. I haven’t even been with you intimately in person and I already feel strongly about you… That’s whats crazy… That’s what scares me. Allowing my hear into someones hands and praying they won’t hurt me. Vulnerability. And I can see you’re on the right path with God. You put him first. And its so admirable and with our generation you don’t see that. It just makes you that much more appealing… attractive.  I just pray that God continues to show me that you’re the move I should be making right now. The signs are there. The stars are aligning and it all seems to point to you. I’m going to allow myself to fall for you. I’m just praying you’re ready to catch me…. 

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